Jibba jabba

Tenderloin steak
The state of food in Vienna

Wrote this last month after spending a few days in Vienna, but forgot to upload it… A breakfast consisting of a most glorious apple-strudel cake-thing which tasted like manna from heaven, served to me by a waitress who weighed a metric tonne. The double espresso and erroneous glass of water were innocent bystanders in


Kodak – Playsport presents…

In April 2010, Kodak launched a new HD video camera called the Playsport. Our brief was to create some video content to showcase the camera's key features.


Bells don’t ring

90% finished demo of our latest track. Enjoy (hopefully)

Photo things

New York State of Mind

I love New York. Been there four times and had four great but very different experiences. And yet I still feel that I’ve barely skimmed the surface of all that the city has to offer. Last time I went was back in February, and it was freezing cold.The entire city had been hidden under a [...]

Moving pictures

Glastonbudget 2010

Not as much fun as Glastonbudget 2009, but if you do have to spend a long weekend in a field in Leicestershire, then I doubt there are any better things you could be doing.